Coming in July!

So it’s taken me a little longer than I expected… but THIS MONTH – in July – you can expect the following things to start happening from Fix Your HOA:

  • YouTube videos
  • Audio podcasts
  • Live streaming
  • Question and answer call-in sessions
  • All events announced on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord

I’m definitely going to be live streaming somewhere, and probably multiple places, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (Periscope), and Twitch.

I’m also considering an Instagram page, but not sure how my content will “flow” in Instagram.

If you have something else you want to see or another place you want to be able to get my content, please leave a comment on this page.

For those of you that want to support Fix Your HOA, I’ll be setting up a Patreon page. Supporters will get mentions here on the web site and on the video trailers — though any supporter can also be anonymous if desired.

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