The Full “Learn About Your HOA” Suite

We started out with a simple concept: if your HOA seems broken to you, we’ll help you fix it.  Fix Your HOA was born, and plans were made for a web site, a book, and a series of educational articles, with podcasts and occasional videos.

Then the ideas kept coming.

We believe there are things that everyone should know about their HOA, but they don’t really know the right questions to ask.  Ask Your HOA was next.

Then we had conversations with some HOA board members who were really concerned about how their HOA — primarily their HOA’s spending — compared to other similar HOAs.  Compare Your HOA is now being designed and developed.

And with each of these, it became apparent that — while there is some valuable HOA training out there — there isn’t an integrated suite of training products that meets the needs of boards, officers, committee members, and well… everyone!  Train Your HOA is now working on that!

We needed one central theme — an umbrella, if you will — that everything could be “under”.  At the moment, we’re going for Learn About Your HOA.  Tell us what you think…